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RANGE 35 – 75 | Non-Union

Versatile and full of personality, David’s voice is both fun and informative.

No matter what your Voice Over needs may be, every read is full of confidence and character, commanding attention while entertaining.

  • Commercial
  • Narration
  • Documentary
  • Explainer Video
  • e-Learning
  • Travel and Audio Tours
  • Telephony / IVR
  • Audiobooks


  • Coached by David Lyerly, Bruce Kronenberg, Thom Pinto, Marc Cashman, Randy Thomas, David Goldberg, Carol Monda, Tom Dheere, Randye Kaye, Roy Yokelson, Jay Snyder, Naomi Jacobson, David Guzzone, Kim Handysides, Vanessa Richardson, Kristin Price and Michael Ingram
  • Trained at Edge Studios with Linda Jones, Danielle Quisenberry, Jay Friedman, George Whittam etc. Courses taken covered a variety of areas including performance, marketing, character development, and deconstructing copy.
  • Attended courses both in person and online with Johnny Heller, Scott Brick, Sean Pratt, Pat Fraley, Eliza Jane Schneider, Jonathan Tilley, Deb Munro and many others.
  • Studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts
  • Extensive Improvisational Experience both Onstage and in Voiceover
  • Doctorate in Educational Technology focusing on e-Learning